‘Broken phone screen’ or ‘99% success = fail’

Hi folks I’d like to share my fail story I’ve got yesterday. Preamble (you may skip it) I am using Nexus 5 smartphone for 2 years already and I like it very much. I’ve already replaced its screen three times. First time, I replaced it in 1.5 years ago after my first 1.5 years old son dropped […]

Best programming font – Source Code Pro

Hi folks Recently, I reinstalled my Windows and started to reconfigure my environment to use font I am using for last 5 years – Consolas I decided to search what is the most popular font nowadays and found http://www.slant.co/topics/67/~programming-fonts where Consolas is quite popular – 249 upvotes. But I found another winner Source Code Pro […]

‘One long debug story’ or ‘checkbox.onclick’

Hey folks I spent another working day debugging something simple I work on a legacy project which has many approaches that are discouraged nowadays. The problem I tried to solve was around checkboxes. The very simplified version of the code looks like I know it is weird… But previously it was working… Now I had […]