Best programming font – Source Code Pro

Hi folks

Recently, I reinstalled my Windows and started to reconfigure my environment to use font I am using for last 5 years – Consolas

I decided to search what is the most popular font nowadays and found where Consolas is quite popular – 249 upvotes. But I found another winner Source Code Pro with 362 upvotes.

So I decided to give it a chance.

I installed it via Chocolatey –

And started using it. And initially I did not like it –

Then I used to it in Visual Studio but I still looked ugly in Sublime Text and ConEmu

Then I found how to configure it to look nice in Sublime Text –

But it dependent on DirectWrite support which many apps don’t have.

I raised an issue for the font itself – and they advised to use TTF font instead of OTF.

I checked and found that Chocolatey installed only OTF version. So I removed it and installed TTF manually from

And now it is nice and charming everywhere

Stay tuned


About mnaoumov

Senior .NET Developer in Readify
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