svn for git-addicted or git-svn gotchas and WTFs – Part 3

Part 2 Hi folks Cherry-picks One of the first things I needed to do with my repository is to do cherry-picks from dev into prod branch. Let’s say we want to cherry-pick commit with revision r1234 from dev branch In svn you just do And besides the cherry-pick itself, it will also update metadata, namely […]

svn for git-addicted or git-svn gotchas and WTFs – Part 2

Part 1 Hi folks. Let’s continue our git-svn adventures. In the previous blogpost we’ve managed to fetch the whole svn repo. Let’s discuss some pitfalls. Local branches this will create a local branch and keeps track of svn version of it. Main commands to keep yourself updated svn tags For whatever reasons git-svn gets svn […]

My NUnit pull request accepted

Hi folks I am pleased to notify you that my pull request just had been merged into NUnit project Moreover, NUnit’s source code now contains a link to this blog I am a part of history now 🙂