Windows case-insensitive file names = nightmares with Node.JS

Hi folks! I’ve recently discovered a weird bug when I was trying to test some Node.JS project on Windows It took me hours to figure out the problem. And I would like to share my findings. I will simplify the code avoiding all the unnecessary details. $ cd e:\dev\foo $ .\build.cmd … TypeError: myModule2.myFunction is […]

Post SQL output to bug tracker details – Mr. Data Converter

Hi folks Sometimes, you need to copy some output from the SQL query to some bug tracker such as Redmine. I found a neat way to do that using a very neat website 1. Execute query in SQL Server Management Studio 2. Click on result grid, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Shift+C to copy the whole grid details […]

Debug .NET IIS Application on Production – dnSpy!

Hi folks! I’ve been recently working on some weird bug that not reproducible locally and had to debug it on Production. Obviously, it does not have Visual Studio installed and I needed something lightweight. I found a very cool tool dnSpy . Latest dnSpy requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 which the production server did not have, […]