Bulk cherry-picking process and magic ref CHERRY_PICK_HEAD

Hi folks

I’d like to share one cool thing I’ve discovered recently

I am doing a lot of cherry-picks these days. And often I want to cherry-pick a lot of commits at once, and I do something like

git checkout prod
$commits = git log dev --grep #12345 --reverse
git cherry-pick -x $commits

Then if some merge conflicts occur

git mergetool

Then after conflict resolved

git commit --no-edit; git cherry-pick --continue

But there are cases of complex conflict resolution, where I’d like to see what is the commit I am trying to cherry-pick exactly doing. And previously I just went back to my shell and looked for something like

error: could not apply 01e4c60... My cool commit message

Then I copied this 01e4c60 into clipboard, open GitExtensions, press Ctrl + Shift + G to navigate to commit and then finally I can see what this commit is about to continue my merge conflict resolution.

But recently I’ve found a cool alternative. Instead of looking for this 01e4c60 in the shell, I could just use an automatic ref CHERRY_PICK_HEAD, so this saves me a few moments.

Alternatively, you can view the commit in the console. You may need to open another console window because the current one is blocked with git mergetool

git log -1 CHERRY_PICK_HEAD -p

Stay tuned

About mnaoumov

Senior .NET Developer in Readify
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