Git Extensions from console – UPD

A long time ago I’ve blogged how to run Git Extensions from console

I didn’t like the fact I had to create some extra files.

I build a simpler implementation using aliases

git config alias.ex "!'C:\Program Files (x86)\GitExtensions\GitExtensions.exe' "$@""

Now I can use my lovely

git ex

# or even
git ex commit

# for list of all commands
git ex help


I found that my new approach is wrong. It blocks console while Git Extensions is open.
That’s very bad.
I had to improve the command and I had to change it dramatically. And I had to fight with escaping.

So here we are now

git config --global alias.ex '!sh -c ''\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\GitExtensions\\GitExtensions.exe\" ''$@'' &'''

I made the alias as global because it does not make sense to reconfigure it for all repos over and over

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