git undo

I was approached with question how can we undo changes we made using git pull –rebase

I will answer the question. The solution as applicable not only for this scenario, but for different ones such as undo a normal rebase or even undo an incorrect reset.

Let’s talk about git pull –rebase

Imagine for whatever reason I want to undo it, and revert to the state it was before

We just type

git reflog

and then we get

69d936d HEAD@{0}: rebase finished: returning to refs/heads/mybranch
69d936d HEAD@{1}: pull --rebase: Hello world!
e96d70c HEAD@{2}: checkout: moving from mybranch to e96d70c47733096fa7372225b47638e2c1bd0fe4^0
0adf1c8 HEAD@{3}: commit: Hello world!

First three lines represent a pull –rebase changes. Fourth line represents the state before this command

So what we have to do is just

git reset --hard 0adf1c8


git reset --hard "HEAD@{3}"

(note that quotes are required only if you execute the command from PowerShell)

After that we rolled back to the state before our pull –rebase.

Simple and powerful…


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