Useful git hooks – Part 3

Continuing Useful git hooks – Part 2

Finally I finished all my hooks I wanted

I don’t want to repeat myself so please follow README in my repository for complete reference of all hooks implemented.

Actually the hooks were mostly written more than two weeks ago but I did not want to publish them because I wanted to write a functional tests for them.
For that purpose I tried to find a good PowerShell unit testing framework and then I ended up implementing my own – PoshUnit

I think I covered the most important test cases but who knows? Any beta-testing is very welcomed.

Also I would like to share my findings about UI Automation PowerShell Extensions. I used this library for UI tests of my hook dialogs and even PowerShell prompts.
It is very feature-rich library but unfortunately not very well documented so I spent sometime in Reflector to find cmdlets I needed.
If you are interested see my Tests folder for usage of cmdlets like Get-UIA….

All the tests were made fully compatible with PowerShell 2 and 3

Any feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Useful git hooks – Part 4

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