I decided to create my own Unit testing framework for PowerShell.

I did not like any of that I tried.

I am going to implement the following features

  • Portable, which does not require to edit $profile scripts. I want to be able to just ship it with my project (like we do in C# shipping nunit.framework.dll)
  • Have SetUp and TearDown concepts
  • Ability to use NUnit Assertions like Assert.That($something, Is.EqualTo($somethingElse))
  • Good support for mocking
  • etc

Please advise me what features you would like to see as well



About mnaoumov

Senior .NET Developer in Readify
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2 Responses to PoshUnit

  1. Mike Chaliy says:

    submit to psget :), because we do no ship nunit.framework.dll we restore it from nuget novadays 🙂

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