PowerShell unit testing

I decided to cover all the hooks I wrote with unit tests.
For that I tried to find a good testing framework for PowerShell.

So far, the only one I liked was Pester – it looks nice BDD framework.
It has some limitations and I will probably later fork the project to overcome them

I also tried PsUnit – was not developed for an year
and PsTest – did not like its output.


About mnaoumov

Senior .NET Developer in Readify
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2 Responses to PowerShell unit testing

  1. rlabarca says:

    PSate (pronounced “sate” or “puh-sate”), meaning “to satisfy”, is a test runner module for PowerShell.

    PSate is part of the PSST PowerShell Suite for Testing:

    PSMock – mocking for PowerShell
    PShould – fluent assertions for PowerShell
    PSate – test runner for PowerShell

    url: https://github.com/jonwagner/PSate.

  2. mnaoumov says:

    Thanks! It looks very promising. I will take a look

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