PowerShell Set-PSBreakpoint bug in PowerShell 3?

I found a very annoying problem in PowerShell 3

It does not stop on breakpoints if new PowerShell process is created.

It was fine in PowerShell 2

Steps to reproduce:

Create MyScript.ps1 with the following content

function MyFunction()
    Write-Host "Breakpoint should be hit"

Set-PSBreakpoint -Command MyFunction | Out-Null


And create MyScript.cmd with the following content

@echo off

echo PowerShell 2 stops on breakpoint
PowerShell -Version 2 .\MyScript.ps1

echo PowerShell 3 does not stop on breakpoint
PowerShell -Version 3 .\MyScript.ps1

Then run MyScript.cmd.
You will see that when we run script in PowerShell 2 mode, it stops on the breakpoint we set.
But this is not happening in PowerShell 3.

I could not find any explanations of that.

I found slightly similar bug: PowerShell V3 breakpoint bug

EDIT: Raised a bug for Microsoft, please vote for it


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