T4 Runtime Template and code-behind logic

By default T4 runtime template adds to the project corresponding generated cs file
Default T4 project structure

But what if we want to have some custom logic in separate C# file?
We create a partial class and put that logic there.
But default project structure is not very friendly with that. How would we name this file? Where would we put it?

I think the best approach to handle such case was shown us by ASP.NET WebForms
Default ASP.NET WebForms project structure

I want to have something similar to that
Desired T4 project structure

Unfortunately we cannot do it from Visual Studio and we have to edit our csproj file manually and add the following snippet there

    <None Include="[PATH]\[TemplateName].tt">
    <Compile Include="[PATH]\[TemplateName].tt.designer.cs">
    <Compile Include="[PATH]\[TemplateName].tt.cs">

I used this approach a lot and eventually I ended up creating an add-in for VisualStudio which creates such project structure

T4 Runtime Template with code-behind plugin


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