Guide how to easy screw up your git repository

Yesterday I screwed up our git and we spent more than 2 hours to clean the mess, investigate how this happened and how to help other developers to fix that.

We have git with master and release branches.

We have a RULE: never ever merge release with master. Only backward master with release.

When we merge master with release a merge commit with message Merge branch ‘release’ is created

We found that origin/release branch looks like it is merged with master
But weird thing that HEAD commit of origin/release had message Merge branch ‘release’ rather than Merge branch ‘master’ which I would expect here

Actions took
We could not afford having that merge commit in a history so we had to rewrite history

git checkout release
git reset --hard HEAD^2
git push origin release --force

So that we fixed issue in the repository.

Then we had to inform other developers if they pulled during the time that bad commit was in a repository that they have to apply fix locally.

  • git fetch
  • git checkout release
  • Extra steps if you have un-pushed changes in release
    • git checkout –b release-backup
    • git checkout release
  • git reset –hard origin/release
  • Extra steps if you have un-pushed changes in release
    • Cherry pick your un-pushed commits from release-backup
    • git branch –D release-backup

Obviously we needed to find out how that happened?
How could I push such changes?
Why they were not rejected during push?

We found out what happened.

So initially I finished work in release branch, merged it into master and pushed.

But what is next?

I was making some changes and then I wanted to undo them.

So I typed

git reset --hard origin/master

Then I pushed…

The problem was that when I executed that reset I was not in master but in release branch.

So I actually reset into origin/master which has exactly that merge commit.

Then when I pushed difference between origin/release and release was considered as fast-forward so that is why repository haven’t rejected it.

So as we can see this mistake is very easy to do and very difficult to prevent.
We are currently thinking about some hooks to prevent this situation.

Be careful…

More details – more interesting…

I am even using posh-git which shows what my current branch is.
But the problem was in the fact that I had the following look in console

C:\Work\Code [master]>

Then I went to Git Extensions and checked out release branch

But when I went to console it still showed me that I am on master
If I would press Enter it would show me in a next prompt that I am on release

But I did not press Enter so my prompt looked like

C:\Work\Code [master]> git reset --hard origin/master

Although I was on release


Be careful…
Don’t trust your tools…
Don’t trust yourself…
Press Enter… 🙂


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